The AI native games platform.

Create characters, build worlds, play games and talk to AIs.

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Arcane is the AI native games platform.
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About Arcane

We let anyone create incredible worlds and live with them. Just describe your characters, locations and more — in plain English — and our AI engine turns it into a playable world.

We envision a future where your creativity isn't limited by your ability to write code or use highly technical art software.

Our first product, Summon Worlds, has been used by tens of thousands of people to create text-based role playing games. Creators build intricate worlds with characters, locations, items, and stories — all using plain English. Our Arcane Engine then transforms the user’s vision into an AI powered world. These worlds have custom art, exciting quests, engaging combat, and AI-powered characters that feel alive.

Our story

We're a small team based in New York. Rohan spent 8 years at Meta, as a principal software engineer on Generative AI, AR Glasses and UI frameworks. Lucas was a staff software engineer on Gen AI and AR Glasses, and previously was at Nvidia.

We’ve worked together for 4 years, on everything from training AI foundation models, to building frameworks and engines for AR/VR apps. We're building an AI games company, because we love games and can’t imagine a better job than that. Our favorite games are:

  • Rohan: Gloomhaven, Skyrim, Stardew Valley
  • Lucas: Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, Valorant
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